Friday, March 27, 2015


      Ahhh, spring. It’s heaven for me. We’re a few days officially into it, and I am so grateful.  I get excited about the small things when warm weather hits; like tan legs, not having to lug a coat everywhere I go, and sipping on rum poolside. I also get a little geeked out over my flowers and vegetables. I’ve walked the perimeter of my house at least half a dozen times to check the progress of my precious little perennials peeking through the cool black dirt I’ve been blessed with. Yesterday afternoon I spent my hours building a raised garden bed to try my hand and tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers-- maybe a melon or two.  
      As I gathered bricks from my “you just never know” pile, humming an unknown melody, planning an impromptu drainage system worthy of agrarian history for my 4x10 garden bed, I noticed something breathtaking—sporophytes. Ya know sporophytes. Those lovely little jewel green tendrils that rise up from a velvet bed of moss to spill forth their spores and procreate; a gorgeous little patch of moss and its sporophytes rising up from my 100 year old brick.

     I always say my humble cottage is a sanctuary filled with good vibes and love. I’m pretty sure the moss in my backyard making babies is a testament to the love and gratitude found there. If you look closely, there’s even a heart-shaped piece of debris nestled in there. So here’s my sporophytes.  Here’s my love and gratitude summed up in an image, macro and beautiful, a bit reminiscent of foreign landscape.  Miracle babies growing from brick.  Enjoy. Love. Be grateful.